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Application Of Batteries

Your Design

While providing enormous flexibility to the device designer, the Free Form Battery does have design constraints of which the designer should be aware. Firstly, the molding facility cannot provide two-way bending such as seen in a “horse saddle” shape.

Secondly, the bending arc must be kept smaller than 150 degrees, bending radius greater than 15 mm, and the battery thickness less than 5 mm.

Please refer to the sample chart where bending arc is 115 degrees (smaller than 150 degrees), bending radius is 25 mm (greater than 15 mm) and battery thickness is 3 mm (less than 5 mm).

The Preliminary Stage Of Batteries

The Preliminary Stage of Batteries all we need is your battery design in an engineering drawing with legends provided in metric units.

We do not need to know how and where you will use your battery. Before sending your design, please again review the design constraints described in Application / Your Design.

Due to the large number of inquires we receive, we do not sign non-disclosure agreements (NDA) upon receipt of the engineering drawing.