Application Of Batteries

Your Design

While providing enormous flexibility to the device designer, the Free Form Battery does have design constraints of which the designer should be aware. Firstly, the molding facility cannot provide two-way bending such as seen in a “horse saddle” shape.

Secondly, the bending arc must be kept smaller than 150 degrees, bending radius greater than 15 mm, and the battery thickness less than 5 mm.

Please refer to the sample chart where bending arc is 115 degrees (smaller than 150 degrees), bending radius is 25 mm (greater than 15 mm) and battery thickness is 3 mm (less than 5 mm).

If your design meets the basic requirements above, you are more than welcome to place a trial order to see how the Free Form Battery could benefit your business.

Battery Bunkers

At this time the only way to purchase Battery Bunkers is through Paypal or prepaid with a personal check. Shipped Fedex Home Delivery to lower 48 states. Alaska & Hawaii must upgrade to USPS ground service. Please contactme prior to ordering if this applies to you. Thank you.

The lid slides in at an angle and locks on with a twist.

Battery Bunkers are hand made on a potter’s wheel and fired to 2500 degrees. Made of stoneware clay, they are very strong and capable of withstanding extreme temps, the kind created from a lipo battery fire. If you are charging lipo batteries you should educate yourself on the type of battery and its requirements, (i.e. volts and amps and the charge rate for the battery). If you are still not sure you should contact the manufacturer of the battery. Be aware of the possibility of ignition. Lipo batteries can be very dangerous! Special attention should be taken to the placement of the Battery Bunker as fire could come out of the top from under the lid as shown. Battery Bunker is designed to help reduce catastrophic damage. You should not charge batteries that are potentially damaged or unbalanced.

Please read this and then watch the videos of the Battery Bunker at work. Some people have made comments that in the 1st video the flame comes out from under the lid of the Battery Bunker. Depending on the size of your battery and size of the Battery Bunker this can happen. That is also why I only make the giant size Battery Bunker now. The giant size Battery Bunker is mostly wider then the original large size. This makes it easier to get the battery in and out the Bunker and more area inside the Bunker makes it less likly for flames to be present outside of the bunker. The question is, what size battery can the giant hold? With new and stronger batteries coming out every day I’m not sure. In tests, flames never came out of the giant size Bunker only smoke. Only the tests on the smaller Bunkers did I ever get flames outside the Bunker like in the video. In closing, hundreds of people have emailed me to thank me for this product because it worked for them when they had a li-po charging mishap. Thanks for looking.